“Madeline is a designer. She is creative. She is imaginative. She is thoughtful. She collaborates.”
– John Wolf, Chair of Theatre and Dance at Wayne State University


As an inspirer of mine, Mimi Lien, once said, “… the reason that we do theatre is to be able to see something different and see something differently.” I reflect on this idea often as I learn and work.

I am excited by the world of theatre and the art that we create. It is always my goal to tell the story as truthfully and still as creatively as possible, inviting the audience to look into another life. While undertaking the responsibilities and the pleasures of a designer, I enjoy collaboration and I understand the meaning of deadlines.

I try to capture the essence of the emotion of the play within each of my designs, expressing it evocatively while aspiring to create a world truly unique to the characters that inhabit it. I enjoy working with color and strive to use it in interesting and effective ways within my scenery.


Currently, I am contracted full time as a scenic designer at the country’s oldest and one of the nation’s largest community theatres, the Kalamazoo Civic Theatre.

“A cultural cornerstone in Kalamazoo, the civic continues to have a profound impact on our community and the people who live here. Each season, over 30,000 theatre enthusiasts enjoy our productions while 1,000 volunteers dedicate over 50,000 hours to their creation. With an annual budget of $1,900,000 the Civic currently employees 35 full and part time employees as well as dozens of professionals who work on a contractual basis. Additionally, the Kalamazoo Civic Theatre serves as a training ground for many young performers and designers, launching many successful careers.” – www.kazoocivic.com/about

My responsabilities to the company include:

  • “Complete realized designs of a production in collaboration with a variety of staff, volunteers, and guest artists.” (A portion of our 16 show season.)

  • Assist, and often lead, resident artists and volunteers in scenic painting.

  • Endure a complete tech process in the week leading up to opening night.

  • Teach classes on the topic of scenic design and artistry to the community’s youth.
  • Provide all necessary paperwork to the entire production staff. This includes, but is not limited to: complete drafting packages, renderings and sketches of every scene, scene change schedule, projection schedules, properties lists, designs for every prop, technical drawings for custom properties, paint elevations, paint samples, research, and concepts.

  • Design for all three of the Civic’s performance venues which are, “… our beautifully renovated, 500-seat proscenium house, our nicely equipped multi-million dollar arena theatre, and our 100 seat studio theatre.”


I have proficient practical skills in:

  • Vectorworks Modeling and Drafting

  • Hand Drafting

  • Fine Model Making

  • Paint Mixing

  • Various Scenic Painting Techniques

  • Sewing

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Foam Sculpting and Coating

  • Scenic and Costume Rendering

  • Adobe After Effects​

I have had some experience with:

  • Scenic and Properties Construction

  • MIG Welding

  • Sculptris (modeling program for 3D printers)
  • Sewing Following a Pattern