Calendar Girls

The intent of this production was to be bright and full of life to remind audiences that even in our darkest hours, love, faith, and friendships will always glow for us.
This aspect of light and emotion and their effects on living things became an important aspect of my design.
The script sets the story in a church. In order to achieve our concept, I tried to focus on stained glass windows and how beautifully they illuminate the world around them.

All six of the arching windows are a different in height, representing the undulating hills of the Yorkshire Dales where the church is located. The figures within the windows are interacting with animals in small vignettes giving the impression that they could be existing outside in the dales. The windows were painted in such a way to let light and gobos shine through them from behind.

Location:  Kalamazoo Civic Theatre

Services:  Scenic Designer / Properties Designer / Paint Charge

Year:  2018