Lost Boy Found in Whole Foods

The river plays such a prominent part of Gabriel’s story. It is both his friend and his antagonist and throughout the play it feels like Gabriel is both longing to be near it and yet, is drowning in its currents.
The set design is modeled after this idea. The feeling of being stuck and not being able to cross, the feeling of being overcome, and the feeling of being misplaced.
With this in mind, the designs painted on the floor are intended to wind in such a way that is reminiscent of the uniquely shaped Nile and Gilo rivers. This structure also provides for a sort of linear and seamless movement between scenes.
The area surrounding the river is like the bank of these winding and dubious waters. The idea came from images of the aftermath of South Sudan; the destruction and piles of trash and rubble. Conceptualized into strips of paper and torn cardboard to give it more of a sense of ‘stock-boy familiarity’. My thoughts were to create a gnarly-looking place that is encroaching on Gabriel.

Location:  Kalamazoo Civic Theatre, Parrish Theatre

Services:  Scenic Designer / Properties Designer / Paint Charge

Year: 2018