Psycho Beach Party

An eccentric spoof on the classic beach movies that stars like Annette Funicello and Frankie Avalon made popular in the early 1960’s,

Such a far out story called for a scenic design that was the ultimate. So, in the spirit of a farce that is tastefully overplayed, I decided to cover the stage floor in a thousand painted daisies and created a “cyc” at the back of the stage completely out of beach balls.

An old-school lifeguard shack, some grass skirting, and a few chili pepper lights completed this simple take on Malibu Beach.

And let me not forget the completely custom and built-from-scratch surfboards used at various moments throughout the play.

Location:  Kalamazoo Civic, Parish Theatre

Services:  Scenic Designer, Properties Designer, Paint Charge

Year: April 2019