The Good Doctor

This Neil Simon play is humorously told through the eyes of playwright Anton Chekhov making comments on his short stories and plays. The location of the play changes completely with every scene, so all locations are defined by a series of five 18” by 18” by 18” cubes that the actors move around into simple and very minimal configurations prior to each scene. However, each location/scene also has an accompanying projection on the 4 television screens in the space with that scene’s title written on it. The projected image give more visual detail into where the scene is taking place. The concept for these images is that they are meant to be imperfect, sketchy line drawings on old paper. Doodles that the Narrator may have created in the margins of his writings. The scratchiness of the line drawings mimicking his scratchy handwriting.

Location:  Kalamazoo Civic Theatre, Carver Theatre

Services:  Scenic Designer / Properties Designer / Paint Charge

Year:  2018